Sunday, 29 March 2009

Colourful paper bunting/banner !

Hey there sorry I haven't updated for a while but I have had computer and software problems not to mention the internet but anyway, I am showing you here how I made this colourful Princess banner great for a room decoration or a party decoration, if you do have a go I would love you to leave a comment for me to have a look at it or I could even add it to the blog here as well as a link to your blog !

What you need to make a 10 flag banner !

1 piece of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
selection of colourful crepe paper/ streamers
chipboard letters or any large ones you like
flat back crystals x10
assorted coloured fibers and wool or ribbon
coloured cardstock
needle and thread

eyelets and tool

General tools,
cutting mat
craft knife
hot glue gun ( not a necessity I love it because it dries quickly)
scalloped scissors
white and black pens
Decorative medium circle punch with or without scalloped edge

You have 10 flags to make the word princess and a spare at each end for crown chipboards etc but obviously you can put whatever you want on or as many flags as you like, just remember to put the flags in the right order to get the correct spelling :)

1. Take the 12 x 12 paper and draw a line across the middle (on the back !)
then mark across the top and bottom 4 inch intervals so you get 3 sections, then find the middle of each section and mark it on the line you first drew in the middle then draw lines to make up all 10 flags ( see my photo to see what I mean)

2.add any extra 2d decoration to the paper flags such as drawing stamping or writing for the background, I have drawn a border in white pen.

3. Punch out 10 circles in coloured cardstock and decorate with chipboard letters, pens etc

4. Cut crepe paper into strips of about 1 metre long and 2 inches wide using scalloped edge scissors, then using a loose tacking stitch sew the straight edge making sure to anchor the cotton to the corner with a few stitches and then push the paper to the end of the cottonand sew corners together to form a rosette and the cut off thread and glue loose edges together. make 10.

5. Glue the decorated punched circles to the middle of the rosette and the glue that to the flag.

6. punch holes and attach eyelets to each corner of the flags, then tie together with the coloured fibers, wool, ribbon etc and add crystals to the ends !!!!!!!!!!!!

Then have a party with all your princessy friends !