Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas mini scrapbook

Yep, it's bee a while but as it's Christmas and I have a minute right now, I thought I would write a quick post on this mini scrapbook I have made with some gorgeous papers from My Mind's Eye !

Okay, you need the usual stuff like papers and card stock, scissors, scalpel/craft knife, ribbons, glue, foam pads, embellishments, thick cardboard and you will also need a 'zutter' as shown in the pick but hey you all know what I am talking about :)

1. I made this mini book with pre-cut card stock from DCWV the smallest 9.5 cm size blocks which I just picked out the colours to match the patterned papers from My Mind's Eye and punched the binding holes with the zutter and also used a corner cutter to make the round corners.

2. For the cover use a card stock square as a template on the really thick cardboard and cut out using the craft knife...BE CAREFUL ! also cut out the rounded edges too with the knife.

3. Using your papers etc.. decorate the cover on both sides of each but before you start adding 3d embellishments etc.. punch the binding holes on each side with the zutter...
now you can decorate properly with all your bits and bobs and even add a ribbon closure with punches or brads...

4. Get all your pages in the order you want them and then thread onto the binding wire..these come in long lengths so using a pair of wire cutters, cut to size for the number of holes you have on the book first !...

5. With all the pages on, push the wire together and add more ribbon to the binding for decoration as well as tags etc :)

6. You are ready to now make more as gifts or add pictures and journaling to this one !