Wednesday, 2 September 2009

One of three projects...

This is not really a 'how to' because it is really easy and you have probably done it all before but maybe it is more of a reminder of what you can do with a bit of paint, some craft paper and a few embellishments..decorate a plain box, cigar box, chipboard box etc you can send them to someone special or use to decorate your home and they are even practical to keep things in from domestic to nuts and bolts, hair bobbles and clips or other craft materials etc etc the possibilities are endless !

The next two projects will go up this week and the second will be 'how to' make a Jacobs ladder' now these are really fun !

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1 comment:

Marlena said...

Ohhhh, ssoooo cute:) so girly and looks really very very very lovely:) i really would like to have some of these things:)