Monday, 25 October 2010

An early Christmas project !

Hey, I'm back, sorry it's been so long since my last project but I have one here for you and would love to hear if you had a go and see the pictures of what you made :)

Fabric Bauble

What you need

Polystyrene ball approx 2.5 to 3 inches in diametre
cushion wadding
fabric scraps
needle and thread
pva glue
beads and embellishments

1. Work out how many you want to make then cut out a circle of fabric approximately 7-8 inches in diametre for each ball.

2. Take a polystyrene ball and brush lightly with pva glue and then wrap with a thin layer ( 1cm thick ) of wadding hold until it is starting to dry and continue with the rest.

3. Then using a needle and thread run a loose stitch around the edge of a fabric circle and place a ball in the centre, pull the needle and scrunch the fabric up around the ball and stitch the top making sure the ends are neatly tucked inside.

4. Then using all your scraps and embellishments, sew them all over the ball and add a loop of ribbon to the top so you can hang the item up.

5. you can add beads and buttons and many other things to decorate.

Tip: try not to overload the bauble, remember it needs to hang so it needs to be fairly light, also for a seasonal touch you can add little bells that will jingle when moved !

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