Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sugar edge decorations

From my blog I have put a short 'how to' make here for the coloured ruff hanging decorations.

You will need:
cardstock or decorative papers
selection of paper punches
decorative edged scissors
needle and thread
coloured crepe paper/ streamers

1. Firstly Cut a length of crepe paper roughly 2 inches wide and 1 metre long and cut one of the long sides with the decorative edge scissors.

2. Using the needle and thread use a loose tacking stitch on the straight edge the push all the paper to the anchored stitch ( the first stitch) and pull into a circle and stitch both edges together.

3. Dab some glue along the outside edge of the ruff and then shake over glitter, leave all to dry.

4. While they are drying punch out circles from the papers and cardstock and embellish how you like just make sure to make 2 for each ruff so one goes on each side.
Also cut lengths of string and knot into a loop to hang decorations by.

5. When dry glue both embellished circle pieces one to each side but don't forget to lay a knotted loop to one side of the decoration before gluing a side on.

Hang up and make as many as you like :)

Don't forget you can change all the colours and materials and make some really lovely ones for any occasion or just to decorate your room or even for easter ....

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